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Increasing recycling in the EU construction sector

14 July 2023

The European Recycling Industries’ Confederation (EuRIC) is the umbrella organisation that encompasses a network of national recycling associations and leading recycling companies. EuRIC aims to be the link between the recycling industry and the European Union, together with other representatives of the sector, acting as a platform for cooperation and the exchange of best practices across the industry. EuRIC represents key companies included in the collection, processing, recycling, transport, and trade of various recyclables (metals, paper, plastics, tyres, construction & demolition waste from household or industrial waste, WEEE, ELV, Packaging, etc.) across Europe.

While the European construction and demolition (C&D) sector generates the largest amount of waste in the EU and represents around 12% of EU GHG emissions, it is dramatically lacking behind when it comes to circularity. This position paper outlines the key drivers and needs for making the European construction sector more circular.