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International Green Deal North Sea Resources Roundabout to work on new case: ‘Fast-Tracks’ for WEEE

15 September 2017

EuRIC was proud to attend the first kick-off meeting of this Green Deal aiming to make shimpments of secondary raw materials faster and easier. ‘Fast-Tracks’ is the fifth case for the International Green Deal North Sea Resources Roundabout (NSRR) - after compost, PVC and non-ferrous metals from bottom ash and struvite. The case, initiated by Müller-Guttenbrunn GmbH and HKS Metals deals with the concept of ‘Fast-Tracks’ for WEEE: making shipments to compliant EU WEEE recyclers easier and faster. Article 14 of the European Waste Shipment Regulation provides ample basis for the concept of ‘Fast-Track Notification’, but implementation can be improved. For this case Flemish, French, UK and Dutch public and private sector experts are joined by Austrian colleagues to explore possibilities for commonly accepted criteria for pre-consents and mutual accepted processes, amongst other things. The Commission (DGENV) is following the case as an observer.